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I look for clues that police missed in long-ago death investigations: Ask me anything!

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I seek ideas that police missed in long-ago fatality investigations: Ask me anything!

Cincinnati Enquirer journalist Amber Hunt takes your questions during an

Amber Search spent months examining the case of Elwood Jones, a man that claims he’s wrongly on Ohio’s fatality row after a controversial 1995 murder trial.Hunt is a reporter and podcaster with The Cincinnati Enquirer, component of the USA TODAY Network, who searches for clues that police missed out on when they checked out long-ago cases.Each season

of her podcast, “Charged,” has found evidence directing away from the suspect publicly accused by police.

The most recent period of the collection dives into every layer of Jones’ dissentious case as he awaits execution in the 1994 deadly whipping of a 67-year-old woman. Period four, which is co-hosted by Amanda Rossmann, was released in January and also is currently available to USA TODAY subscribers.Listen currently:’The Impending Execution of Elwood Jones’readily available for ad-free binging She’s protected crime for 25 years, the past 6 of which have actually been devoted to” Accused.”She’s

likewise won a Pulitzer Reward with her newsroom and authored several publications. Any questions?Hunt is hosting an “Ask Me Anything”session on Reddit at 2 p.m. ET Thursday. You can drop her a question (regarding her job, exactly how she does it, or anything else, actually) at the embed

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